Prayers for the Line

I apologize for being late to posting as the roll of Covid-19 continues to impact the communities that make up the Royal Line. Our own household has just emerged from some physical and mental health impacts during this time of c-tine (a term I have coined for our current existence).

We have nothing to add, but simply, our family is praying for all the families impacted by the cases and outbreaks in Duchess, Rosemary, Brooks, and Bassano schools and outlying areas. For those impacted by needing to isolate, or having mild to severe cases, we do pray for speedy recoveries, and healthy households that rebound for our community.

For our kids, we remind you of the simple acts of neighbourliness that can be done – wear a mask in public, stay 6 feet (2 metres) a part, wash your hands, and if you are sick (regardless of illness) stay home until symptoms clear. As with all points of history when we need to overcome adversity, we are stronger together.



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