Countess Chronicle is attempting to become a hub for local history of the area. We would love if you have any photos, articles, or links to share them with the page for broader reading and perhaps inspiring or being used in attractions.
The journey so far on the page has begun looking at:
  1. The history of ranching and farming.
  2. History of oil & gas and other forms of mining.
  3. The Royal Line and how CPR shaped settlement.
  4. The religious migration of Mennonites, Hutterites, Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints, Freemasons and Buddhists.
  5. The historic stage coach line, and the driver from Countess.
  6. The Francophone School District.
  7. In our search for Veterans, we have found the history of Conscientious Objection from Countess residents.
We know we have simply scratched the surface and are seeking the community help in fleshing out the above noted areas, or any areas of history we have missed. This is your time to preserve the story before the storytellers fade away.
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