Calling all Entrepreneurs

Become part of modern Countess history!

Yes, you read that right. As we move forward with revitalizing the hub of community building we are seeking aid from neighbours, and neighbours we have yet to have who have a passion for invention.

train2Have you ever wondered what a caboose transformed into a candy shoppe would be like? It may be an opportunity for leasing and refurbishment for your venture.

Or perhaps a souvenir shoppe or model train and hobby store? A shack of curiosities? or antiques?


Just imagine them in authentic cabin spacing.


Or perhaps you have a kitchen passion, and would love to do event catering and need a space to operate your business, and host events? Yes there is cabin space for that. And events?

We have had weddings, birthday parties, Kids Christmas and New Years’ fun, family reunions and fund raisers to name but a few…oh and rumours baseball teams come around still as well…many opportunities to have excellent packages for all types of fixin’s with a great location.

Speaking of location? Want to try and build and operate your own motel up to 8 units? We have space for that as well. Within easy distance to such attractions as the Rosemary Canada Day Celebrations, Bassano Rodeo, Brooks Rodeo, Dinosaur Provincial Park, historic grain elevators just outside of Gem, and Duchess Days, to name but a few…

If you are interested, or have some of your own ideas contact

Wayne or Sherry at or 403-701-0775.



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