Honouring our Veterans

(Resourced from the Bassano Recorder 1939-1945) 

When one is a student of history and knows what comes after, there is always a sad chuckle reading the political and journalistic takes on the armistice of 1918 that it would be the war to end all wars. From a family that had a Great-Grandfather that would serve for Britain in the Sherwood Foresters in both the Great War, and the horror to come, World War II (amongst many other relatives) Armistice Day in the Commonwealth, Remembrance Day in Canada holds a special place.  We have always been a family to stand with veterans, and to push for them to be duly compensated in their civilian life. Countess, Alberta was not an anomaly within Alberta or Canada in World War II, where many of our fine men and women served. I would also note, that as we were a heavily settled Mennonite area, we also produced conscientious objectors that did not fight the Nazis and the Axis of Evil and for those that served in my family, it was for this religious freedom as well, that is the beauty of our country Canada in its marvelous mosaic. 

Without further ado, here is our virtual wall of honour, if we have missed someone please comment and add: 

Royal Canadian Navy 



A.C. 2 Edward Cador (1943-45) 

A.C. 2 Ray Thompson (1943-45) 

A.T.C. Instructor G.L. Ferraby (1940-45) 

Women’s Division 

Flt. Lt. D. Thompson (1944-45, R.C.A.F.) 

Canadian Army 

Lt. Corp. Bill Hay (1943-45) 

Pte. A.H. Kerr (1943-45) 

Pte. W. Hay (1942) 

Conscientious Objectors 

Herman Block 

Eddy Janzen 

Thomas McBrine

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